Business Start Up

If you are thinking of starting your own business, good luck. It’s hardwork but ultimately rewarding.

One of the things on your business start up list will be a website. There are very good reasons for this:

  • Customers will be looking for you and to connect with you online
  • You need a shopfront for potential customers
  • A website provides credibility to your business

Business Start Up

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to equip your business start up with a good quality website. We offer a Small Business Website Package starting at £249. For that you get a website based on the popular WordPress Content Management System (CMS). This is not a “free” online package that leaves you so frustrated you end up paying for the premium deal. Nor is it an ultra cheap deal where the work is handled by a semi-skilled person in a country a long way away, for delivery sometime.

Our Small Business Website Package is based on the most popular, stable and secure CMS. It’s created and delivered by a UK based developer that you can talk to at anytime and will be delivered as rapidly as possible. This a professional package to help your business start up get off to a flying start.

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Business Start Up

If you are starting a business and want to discuss a website, call us on 020 3129 6259 or email