Big Names Still Matter

Maximum exposure for MarinerIII

The digital revolution has given everyone a voice. But when it comes to maximum exposure, the big names of media still have the edge. So the owners of Mariner III, one of our clients, were delighted to get a major feature in the Wall Street Journal.

The Mariner III is a charter yacht, offering cruises, parties and events in the New York harbour area. Despite only coming out yesterday, the feature has already generated new business.

Vapour Trail runs the Mariner III website. We did some work to check SEO around the boat name as we didn’t know if the feature would include a link to the website. There wasn’t a link but searches on “mariner III new york” were returning the website as the first result on Google.

We also made sure we had up to date photos and blogged about the feature.

This was a really good outcome for Mariner III, bringing together the best of new and established media.