Content Is King!

Are you making changes, or wanting to make changes to your website? Are you dithering over which font or colour would look best? I have some news for you: It doesn’t matter.

“But, but … ” you say. Let me explain.

Search engine results are not based on whether you are using Arial or Verdana fonts. People will not pick up the phone to call you if your website uses #3366CC rather than #0099FF blue.

People will find your website and engage with it based on the content. Content is King!

Your website should look good and should work properly. It should be easy to navigate and display correctly on different devices. But the website is only ever a container for your content. So long as the website displays your content correctly, it is doing it’s job.

Let’s think some more about content, what should it be? In the business context, the website content should all be promoting the view that yours is a reputable, capable business which customers can entrust with their business: Typical content on a business website would be:

  • A statement of what the business does
  • Who owns the business
  • What their qualifications and experience are
  • How best to make contact
  • Testimonials from existing customers
  • Technical information about the products or services you deal with
  • Prices
  • Examples of completed projects
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Industry news
  • Informed comments on relevant topics

If your website is fresh, up to date, useful and informative, it creates the impression that you are the sort of business that is good to deal with. Remember …

Content Is King!

Content is also key to unlocking the power of search engines. If your website content is relevant to popular search engine enquiries, your website will appear higher up the search engine result rankings, meaning that your website is more likely to receive a click through from the results. This is a practice known as Content Marketing and can be a powerful tool to bring in new business.

Take a look at the content of your website. Is it up to date and relevant? Does it provide useful information and insight? Is it worth spending time reading?

If it’s time for a change, call us for a chat. We’ll help you invigorate your website and make your content shine.

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PS. This isn’t new, Bill Gates was saying “Content is King” back in 1996