Actor’s Website

In  a fiercely competitive profession like acting, the ability to present your skills and experience to anyone, at anytime is crucial. With a personal actor’s website you can do exactly that. Your website is your personal space, styled the way you like,  with all the information about you and your skills.

Your personal actors website can contain a full text CV, embedded videos of your work or showreel, audio clips, photos and headshots.

Here at Vapour Trail we try to think ahead. When you are starting out, money is tight but you need maximum exposure. As your career blossoms, you will have a greater body of work to show and you will perhaps want to organise your portfolio to demonstrate particular talents. You will want a website that showcases a succesful career.

We think we have the answer. We offer websites based on the WordPress Content Management System. This means that the additional functionality to support multiple types of media is easy to add.  Blogging is at the core of WordPress. Styling is controlled by themes which can be created to meet your personal needs or free themes can be configured.

WordPress combines ease of use, high levels of functionality and security with infinite possibilities for customising presentation.

This means that you get a website that delivers all the functionality you need at a very reasonable price. For £249 you get a website with three pages of optimised content, a contact form, search engine optimisation functionality, blog, a theme configured to your needs, your own domain name and fully configured security. If you need a bigger website, discuss your needs with us and we will quote you a price.

You can then build on this website yourself with blog entries or additional pages and galleries. WordPress is simple to use. You can become your own webmaster, instruct us to create new content or get the work done by someone experienced in using WordPress. The choice is yours. If you want to update the look of the website, the theme can be updated without affecting the content.

If you need more content or a personalised theme, call us on 020 3129 6259 to discuss. It would be great to talk to you.

Image: Matthew Lillard Acting Workshop at Vancouver Film School. Creative Commons Licence via