What Small Business Can Learn From The Election?

In case you hadn’t noticed there’s an election campaign going on. No, don’t click Go Back, there are important lessons to be learned! An election is actually a giant, nationwide marketing campaign. Numerous players all have a product to “sell” and how they do that can be very instructive.

Brand awareness

Any group picture will feature a forest of logos. That’s so you are left in absolutely no doubt about what that picture is about. This is a picture of X party activists, there’s lots of us and we support X party.

Repeat the message

We all know the sound bites: “fairness”, “reducing the deficit”, “the living wage”. We know them because they are constantly repeated, they enter the consciousness. That works with marketing too. How many people refer to “Starbucks coffee” as opposed to just coffee? I know quite a few. Some brands effectively enter the language: Thermos, Hoover, Google.

Be omnipresent

At election time there will be constant coverage on radio and TV, leaflets will come through the letterbox and posters will sprout at the roadside. There is no escape.

So how does this relate to business?

Encourage people to visit your website. Make it easy to find via search engines (SEO). Update the content regularly so that people will find their visits useful. Use your website to demonstrate your knowledge about your area of expertise: create a Knowledge Centre.

Hand out your business card at any opportunity. Encourage people to visit your website.

Interact on social media. Comment, engage, provide information. Above all be human.

Get in touch with your existing contacts. Proudly announce yourself and your brand.

People vote for and buy from other people they have formed a bond with. It might be tenuous but it separates you from the other contenders. In first-past-the-post and marketing there is only one winner. Use all the tools in the box to be that one.

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