New Year, New Resolve

Happy New Year, I hope you have a great 2015!


Now let’s think about what that actually means.

I genuinely offer my good wishes for 2015, I would be very pleased if all my readers had a truly successful 2015. But whilst good wishes are one thing, making it happen is quite another. If you are setting out on a new venture or continuing with an existing one in 2015, it’s success or failure is largely down to you.

If you own that venture, you own the power to make it succeed. So I would encourage you to take some time to make plans, set targets and take control.

Here’s one thing I can really help with. If your business or venture uses a website to communicate with customers or colleagues, take some time to review how well it is working. Does someone searching for what you offer, get directed to your website?

I would be very happy to spend some time with you, reviewing how well your website works. This would be entirely free of charge.

You get a professional opinion of your website and if there are things to be done, maybe we can agree to work together.

So welcome to 2015 and there’s an offer of something free. Pretty good start, eh?



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