50% of businesses don’t have a website

Is yours one of the 50% of businesses that don’t have a website? So how do people find you?

Traditionally businesses have been associated with a place: a shop, offices, a reception desk. Somewhere customers can see you and meet with you. Now new technologies mean that a business can be run from a spare room, a coffee shop or a car. This is obviously progress and means a huge cost saving, but comes with a downside: invisibility.

A shop is placed on a busy throughfare, it’s part of the scenery. People know you are there and pop in to buy and get advice. How do you engage with existing and potential customers if you don’t have that high street prescence? You do it online.

A small business website need not cost very much, but it enables anyone on the web to find you, find out about your goods and services and contact you.

It’s a fact that hardly anyone is using a paper directories like Yellow Pages anymore. Look at how they have shrunk in size! Search engines like bing.com and Google take you straight to the websites of suppliers. If your business doesn’t have a website, you are missing out on all those enquiries.

“It’s too expensive!”

Vapour Trail’s prices start at £249. How many sales would you need to close to cover that? In fact, not having a website is probably costing you money in lost sales.

“I don’t have the time”

It’s true that small business owners are time poor, but we are flexible and will work with you when you have the time. Would it help to meet at the weekend or late in the evening? We’re fine with that.

“I don’t understand the internet”

Here’s an idea. You concentrate on what you do well and we will look after your website for you. We will work with you to make your business better.

50% of businesses don’t have a website

Is that really true? Sadly yes. According to smallbusiness.com “61 percent use, or plan to use, a website, online store, or mobile website”. The telling phrase there is “plan to use”. This probably means that about 50% of businesses do actually have a website. Hence 50% don’t. These stats specifically refer to the USA but numbers for the UK are very similar.

Don’t let new business slip away.

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