Website Design

When your website is your shop window, out there for all the world to see, you want it to look good. Good website design will deliver that.

This is a process of bringing together good quality content, laying it out well and making it easy to navigate. There is no need for bells and whistles or expensive gimmicks. Just a carefully thought out message, presented well.


We use the WordPress Content Management System as standard. WordPress employs a theme system to apply a template to the appearance of the website. This means that font, sizing, spacing and colours are all harmonised for a professional appearance. WordPress is free to use, so there are no licencing expenses to pay. You just pay for the effort involved in adding the content to the pages.

If you have already invested in a corporate identity in the form of colours, font and logo, we can include this in your website design. Should you want develop a brand identity, we can assist with that too.

We would recommend that you keep the appearance of your website simple. A clear, sharp font with proper spacing makes the text easy to read. Many people who visit your website will be using a mobile phone or other portable device with a small screen. By ensuring that all text is easy to read, the attention of your visitors will be held for longer and allow more time for your message to be absorbed.


Pictures and videos can also grab the attention of your visitors, but it is important to add them to the pages in such a way that the page still loads quickly. Pages that load quickly are appealing to human visitors and also search engines.

Our objective is to work with you to create an appealing website that looks good and delivers your message.

Read more about the fundamentals of a good website by visting our Technology and Content pages.

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