Website Technology

Your website is a folder full of files. Each file is displayed in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) as you navigate the website. The art of creating and maintaining a website is to make sure that your website technology makes this happen as smoothly as possible.


The files are stored on a server, a powerful computer whose job is deliver the chosen file to the browser as quickly as possible. Customers who host with us get the use of an individual virtual machine dedicated to their website. No shared service. This hosting keeps your website as fast as possible as it is not affected by what other people are doing on the shared server. Our websites consistently achieve very high scores on Google’s Pagespeed tool. This provides a great user experience and creates a favourable impression with search engines. They would rather refer their users to a fast page as this is a better experience.

We use the latest website technology, no shared servers, no emissions.
No emissions!

Our servers are powered by sustainably produced electricity. Our hosting has no carbon footprint. Zero. If you host with Vapour Trail, you can proudly say that your website produces no emissions. That is an important sustainability statement and demonstrates that you and your business care.

WordPress Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) takes a lot of the hard work out of looking after your website. The CMS makes the menus have the right links. It ensures that the pages have a consistent look and feel, so that your brand integrity is maintained. It makes updating the website easy for someone without web design skills.

The last point is very important. As well as liking fast websites, search engines like frequently updated websites. That is because if a website is frequently updated, it is more likely to have up-to-date and relevant information.

A CMS provides an editing interface which is much easier to master than web design. Someone who can create and edit a Word document can pick up WordPress quickly. If the website is easy to update, it more likely to be updated and that means better content and more visitors.

Using a specialist company like Vapour Trail, who are experienced in website technology, will deliver a fast and effective website. Let’s talk, 020 3129 6259