Actor’s Website

Actors website

In  a fiercely competitive profession like acting, the ability to present your skills and experience to anyone, at anytime is crucial. With a personal actor’s website you can do exactly that. Your website is your personal space, styled the way you like,  with all the information about you and your skills. Your personal actors website … Read more

WordPress Hamburger menu not working

This fault was pointed out on one of the websites I managed, so I investigated. All the usual tricks like updating everything and disabling plug-ins didn’t. So used the browser right-click – Inspect option to check for errors. By selecting the Console tab, I found the following error: “uncaught error: bootstrap’s javascript requires jquery version … Read more

Big Names Still Matter


The digital revolution has given everyone a voice. But when it comes to maximum exposure, the big names of media still have the edge. So the owners of Mariner III, one of our clients, were delighted to get a major feature in the Wall Street Journal. The Mariner III is a charter yacht, offering cruises, … Read more

asunsti shawls

asunsti shawls new wordpress website

asunsti shawls is a new business based in Ashurst Wood in West Sussex. They sell beautiful hand made shawls from makers in the developing world. Shawls are typically made from locally produced materials and created by craftspeople using traditional skills. They make wonderful and are truly striking accessories. asunsti’s website is based on the ever … Read more

24 Hours a Day

24 hours a day

Question. When do people want to find out about your business and it’s goods and services? Answer. Err, all the time? Correct! You might be very good at answering the phone, or have a fabulous virtual assistant who answers for you. But what hours does that cover? 9 to 5? 8 to 6? That still … Read more

What Small Business Can Learn From The Election?

In case you hadn’t noticed there’s an election campaign going on. No, don’t click Go Back, there are important lessons to be learned! An election is actually a giant, nationwide marketing campaign. Numerous players all have a product to “sell” and how they do that can be very instructive. Brand awareness Any group picture will … Read more

50% of businesses don’t have a website

50% of businesses don't have a website

Is yours one of the 50% of businesses that don’t have a website? So how do people find you? Traditionally businesses have been associated with a place: a shop, offices, a reception desk. Somewhere customers can see you and meet with you. Now new technologies mean that a business can be run from a spare … Read more

WordPress Expert in Croydon

WordPress Expert in Croydon

Are you based in Croydon and want to make the most of your website? Or are you starting up a business and want to talk to someone about how best to proceed with your website? We should talk. Vapour Trail has been in business for over 10 years and we specialise in providing and upgrading … Read more

You don’t need a laptop for that.

Responsive web design

Sales of mobile devices soar as sales of laptops level off. This is important news if you have a business website. Every so often an article appears in the business news pages about the decline of the PC (personal computer). This might seem odd given that IT is a growing industry, but it is actually … Read more

WordPress in Crawley

wordpress in crawley

WordPress is the most popular website Content Management System (CMS) on the web. It has won that position the hard way, by being the best. It’s now at version 4.1 and has evolved into an easy to use and functionally powerful CMS. Vapour Trail is a web design and development business based in West Sussex … Read more