News 22-05-14

Chris Jerrey from Vapour Trail here with some more thoughts about making the most of your website.

I’d like to start off by posing a question: Is cheap good?

Before you think “well, of course it is” and delete this email, think back to when you bought a cheap item of clothing that split on first wearing. Or the cheap tool that didn’t do the job? Or when you stayed in that cheap hotel, that you are never, ever, ever going back to?

Cheap is not always good. In fact sometimes it can be pretty bad.

With that in mind, let’s think about tools for your business, in particular your website. As you know from previous emails, Vapour Trail offers a Small Business Website Package for £249. We think it’s good value, but if you shop around you can get cheaper. The reason many web developers can offer rock bottom prices is because the work is outsourced to countries where hourly rates are much lower. In particular, India.

Your website is your shop window for the world to see. It has to be right. If it hasn’t been checked properly, is obviously written by someone with a questionable grasp of English and doesn’t fit the image you wish to create for your business, it’s not a bargain, it’s a problem.

Here at Vapour Trail, we don’t outsource. We are a local phone call away. We will even visit you in the South East to ensure we understand your needs. We want you to have a website that is a manageable, effective marketing tool for your business. Isn’t that what you want too?


Chris Jerrey

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