Driving Traffic To Your Website, The Twitter Way

It’s no use your website being a well kept secret. You want plenty of traffic, with lots of people reading about your business and getting in touch with you to buy products and services.

You can publicise your website in other media, on your business cards, printed promotional material, adverts and directory entries.

You can optimise your website to appear high in search engines results.

You can use social media to drive traffic to the website.


Let’s look at the last option and in particular Twitter. There are hundreds of millions of users on Twitter, many of whom are checking their feeds many times a day. The whole world is talking, so much of the information will be very niche. But there’s lots of space for you to make a name for yourself.

If you are not already a user, sign up and start following people you know or are inspired by. Start tweeting about things that matter to you. Twitter provides a guide to help businesses get started https://business.twitter.com/

Driving Traffic To Your Website

At first it will seem strange, but soon you will get the idea. Start creating good quality, interesting tweets and people will follow you. If you need more than 140 characters to have your say, create a blog entry on your website and tweet a link to it. Once people start following your links, you have hit gold. People are visiting your website and reading your message and being exposed to what you have to offer.

Twitter also gives you the chance to be first. First to pass on news and first to respond. Twitter is an amazing tool and if you have a business, a cause or a message, it’s well worth exploring.

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