Starting a New Business

If you are starting a new business, you will have a long To-Do list. One item that should definitely be on it is “Get website”. Let’s just think about why it’s such an important item on the list.

Even if you advertise “off line” (print ads, flyers, word of mouth) potential customers will still want to get an idea of your credibility. A visit to your website that shows your portfolio, who your people are and how to get in touch with you is an important step in building the client-supplier relationship.

Increasingly, potential customers are using search engines to identify suppliers of goods and services. Not having a website means you are missing out on all those buyers who find your competitors website instead. Can you afford to be in that position?

Whether customers find you through a search engine or get your website address by another method, you can place a wealth of information about your business directly into their hands. It’s all there, ready to read.

Another fact of life about the starting a new business To-Do list is that  most things on it will cost you something! What will a business website cost you?

Our prices start at £249 to create the website and £10 per month to look after it. That’s £369 in the first year, less than the price of an Apple iPad. Not a lot of money for an invaluable asset for your business.