Is Your WordPress Website Secure?

Errr …. is the most likely answer to this question, so let me explain.

In order to provide the content management facility, your WordPress website is built from a collection of files that include executable scripts and links to a database. These make it possible for you to edit the website. Hackers need to take over other people’s websites in order to create the disruptive networks that are their main activity. The hackers will look for vulnerablities in the software of websites and develop tools to take them over.

WordPress developers are involved in a constant defensive effort to prevent these hacker attacks and refine the WordPress software and it’s associated extensions to make it more secure. These updates need to be applied to the website to keep it safe.Do you keep your WordPress software up to date?

Does your webmaster/host keep the software up to date?

If not, you may be vulnerable.

If you have been hacked or are concerned that you may be vulnerable, then please contact us.

We will carry out a free evaluation and advise on how to maximise your WordPress security.

Look after your WordPress website!

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