New Year, New Resolve

Happy New Year, I hope you have a great 2015! Pause. Now let’s think about what that actually means. I genuinely offer my good wishes for 2015, I would be very pleased if all my readers had a truly successful 2015. But whilst good wishes are one thing, making it happen is quite another. If … Read more

Add Us To Your To-Do List

Christmas is coming (yes, really) and we are thinking about the celebrations and the end of another year. But the end of one year means the beginning of a new one. A new year and new opportunities. If you run a business or an organisation, if you are an artist or performer, you will probably … Read more

What is Cloud Computing?

If you are at all interested in technology, you will have seen plenty of references to “The Cloud”. You may also have seen the recent stories about celebs having their photos stolen from The Cloud and are wondering if The Cloud is actually a good place to store sensitive material. So let’s answer the question … Read more

Content Is King!

Content is king

Are you making changes, or wanting to make changes to your website? Are you dithering over which font or colour would look best? I have some news for you: It doesn’t matter. “But, but … ” you say. Let me explain. Search engine results are not based on whether you are using Arial or Verdana … Read more

It Need Not Cost a Lot

affordable website

You run a business. It might be a small business running for awhile, or a start up. Your “to do” list says “Get website”. You think: lots of money, fast talking salesman, technobabble, anguish. You go and do something else instead. I’ve spoke to a lot of people who have been there. They are very … Read more

How many people visited my website yesterday?

Do you ever ask “How many people visited my website yesterday”? It’s a reasonable question as it determines to some extent what value you are getting from your website. But do you know? If you have analytics software installed, you can answer this question easily. You can either log into your Google account or go … Read more

Mariner III website – Case Study

Getting the structure of your website is vitally important. Get it right and the website will provide a great return on investment. Get it wrong and the website will do nothing. Let me illustrate this with a real life case study. Case Study I’ve recently been working with the owners of Mariner III. This is … Read more

What is Content Marketing?

Fact: All businesses should be engaged in some sort of marketing, to attract new customers, retain existing ones and maintain their reputation. Obviously there are lots of ways to engage in marketing, but for an article about using your website effectively, content marketing seems the obvious process to discuss. As defined by the Content Marketing … Read more