Is My Website Healthy?

Is my website healthy

Is my website healthy? Here are a few ideas for “taking the pulse” of your website.

Can you find your website? Put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows the name of your business and where you are, but doesn’t know the address. So if you are Bob Clark, a plumber in Brighton, search on “bob clark brighton plumber”. If your website doesn’t appear in the search results, you should think about making some changes. Your website is failing a very basic test.

Do you have a Content Management System (CMS)? If you do, can you use it and do you know the log-in details? Keeping your website up to date with fresh content is vital to ensure that it catches the interest of both search engines and human beings that look at it.

If you don’t have a CMS, is it easy to get updates done? Is your webmaster/designer contactable and responsive to your requests?

Related to the last two questions, when was your website last updated? Do you have old prices and out of date information on the website?

If your responses to these questions are a combination of “No”, “Oh dear” and “I really should be doing something about that”, it’s time to take some action. If you can update your website, do it. If you have been putting off contacting your webmaster, do it now.

If you want some help with any of this, please get in touch. My business is to help people get the most from their websites. Call 0333 123 0004 and you won’t get a salesman, you’ll talk to a website designer and developer who wants to work with businesses to help them use the web to the best effect.