It Need Not Cost a Lot

affordable website

You run a business. It might be a small business running for awhile, or a start up. Your “to do” list says “Get website”. You think: lots of money, fast talking salesman, technobabble, anguish. You go and do something else instead. I’ve spoke to a lot of people who have been there. They are very … Read more

Content Management System

Content Management System

In the beginning, all web pages were written in HTML. Only webmasters understood HTML, so whenever a website needed updating, the webmaster or web designer had to do the work. But life moves quickly, information changes and news needs to be reported. A better way of working was needed. A Content Management System (CMS) allows … Read more

A Professional Business Website Builder

Business Website Builder

If you are in business, you need a website created by a professional business website builder. Here at Vapour Trail we have more than ten years experience of creating websites. We know what works and what doesn’t. We also have more than ten years experience of dealing with business clients and we know what they … Read more

Mariner III website – Case Study

Getting the structure of your website is vitally important. Get it right and the website will provide a great return on investment. Get it wrong and the website will do nothing. Let me illustrate this with a real life case study. Case Study I’ve recently been working with the owners of Mariner III. This is … Read more

Is My Website Healthy?

Is my website healthy? Here are a few ideas for “taking the pulse” of your website. Can you find your website? Put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows the name of your business and where you are, but doesn’t know the address. So if you are Bob Clark, a plumber in Brighton, search … Read more