Your website: Looks Aren’t Everything

Vapour Trail are Website Designers and Developers. Most people are familiar with the term “website designer” and getting your website to look good is an important part of our work. But website development is vitally important too.

Your website

Development refers to the techy stuff behind the scenes. Making sure that the website loads in the browser quickly, that navigation is easy to use and works properly. Contact forms are correctly configured and maps accurate.

Is the website secure from malicious attack? Is it easy to find with search engines? These issues are what website development is all about.

Design is subjective, fashions come and go and people have likes and dislikes. So what people think about the design of your website will be influenced by factors like how well up on fashions they are and personal taste. But everyone knows when something doesn’t work. If a website is difficult to navigate, things are obviously broken and it’s difficult to find, that’s pretty obvious.

Here at Vapour Trail we will be happy to create a whole new design for you. But we also give you the option of exploiting the hundreds of free WordPress themes which are available to download. The Theme controls the layout, fonts and colours of the website; the design aspects. But by offering websites based on free themes, you can direct more of your budget to the essential tasks of getting the website to work correctly.

Our entry level product is the Small Business Website package for £249. You can choose from any free theme to create the look of your website. We will then provide and configure security software to protect your website from attack, a contact form to allow contacts to send you email and content optimisation software to help you create pages and blog entries that will be noticed by search engines. Working with you, we will create three pages of optimised content that means your website will be useful and findable from launch.

We realise that budgets for your website are usually tight. So we exploit the advantage of free products to help you get the most from your money.